Keyto Mediterranean-Style Low Carb Program

The ketogenic or low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) eating plans have grown in popularity. Recent research has shown that LCHF diets are extremely beneficial in weight loss, prevention, or the treatment for type 2 diabetes and a myriad of other diseases.

Keyto Mediterranean-Style Low Carb Program

LCHF nutrition also has positive results on biomarkers such as fasting glucose and insulin levels, inflammation markers, and the majority of the lipid markers including triglycerides, but also HDL.

 We at Keyto are enthusiastic about the potential for ketogenic diets to dramatically improve the health of people.

Since the beginning of our company, we’ve explored everything we know about the connection between diet and health (especially the dietary fats) in relation to cardiovascular risk and health.

We conducted a thorough research review, talked to experts from around the world in the fields of medicine and nutrition, and then incorporated all our findings. It was the “Best Known Method” to attain our ultimate goal: to design one of the best scientifically researched nutritional program that is possible.

It is believed that the Best-Known Method philosophy is particularly relevant in the field of nutrition since everyone requires food in a healthy way, and long-term research on nutrition that is the gold standard is rare and costly. While conducting our research, we discovered a myriad of advantages of the traditional keto diet.

But we also noticed that it was in need of enhancement and an upgrade. Consider it keto optimized or keto 2.0. We saw an opportunity to make small but significant changes that would allow for ketosis to have all the advantages without causing worries about the main issue: the increase in LDL cholesterol.

It is widely acknowledged that people who follow traditional ketogenic diets may experience a significant increase in LDL and other blood markers that indicate heart risk.

Keyto Mediterranean-Style Low Carb Program

It is possible that the rise in LDL may be counterbalanced with improvements of other indicators like insulin levels or triglycerides.

It is also possible that the increased LDL levels caused by LCHF could not impact the outcomes that are more severe, such as heart attacks. However, the strong link between higher LDL and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease is too strong to ignore.

We finally settled on a set of guidelines principles that will form the basis of what we’re now called” the Keyto Program – a Mediterranean-Style Ketogenic Program.

It was an extensive and open-minded process that continues as it continues to develop as we gain more knowledge from our own research and those of other researchers. In the meantime, we will outline the main concepts of Keyto:Keyto Mediterranean-Style Low Carb Program

  1. High fat, low carbohydrate, or ketogenic diet is a potent and long-lasting weight loss plan that comes with numerous other health benefits.
  2. The consumption of polyunsaturated as well as monounsaturated fats has positive effects upon blood cholesterol levels, and diets that are high in these fats are associated with a lower risk of heart disease. These fats are considered healthy fats.
  3. Healthy fats in foods originate mainly from Mediterranean-style meals, which include fish and plants.
  4. Ketogenic diets that are conventionally prescribed are usually packed with saturated fats, mostly from animal products, and this can raise the level of cholesterol in the blood (in certain people). The impact of this on the cardiovascular outcome isn’t clear; however, the evidence is alarming. There are many alternatives: replacing certain saturated fats in the diet with non-saturated fats could improve blood lipids and not compromise the other advantages of ketogenic diets.
  5. It’s completely normal to consume certain saturated fats. If you don’t notice an increase in LDL from saturated fat, and who do not care about LDL may consume higher levels of saturated fat.

Based on these concepts, our most well-known method has led us to the conclusion that the ketogenic Mediterranean lifestyle that focuses on fish and vegetables that contain healthy unsaturated fats is ideal in terms of heart health. The food that comes from animals can be consumed in moderate amounts.

This is only the beginning of our goal to develop the best nutrition plan for people looking to shed weight, improve health and feel healthier.

The program must be attainable and long-lasting, which is why we think that the Keyto Breath Sensor and Keyto app to be vital tools to be utilized in conjunction with Keyto’s Keyto Program.


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With more than 10 years of scientific research support, Keyto offers a new viewpoint on keto. In one brief breath, Keyto dissects the entire diet into a simple Keyto Level to let you be aware of what your current position is with respect to your health objectives.
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Keyto Mediterranean-Style Low Carb Program



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